About Piccolo Piglet

Shopping for kids should be child’s play. Designed to be worn by boys & girls alike, Piccolo Piglet is a baby step towards a more inclusive & gender-neutral world. Take this step with us.

Our Founders

Muskaan Sarin and Urvi Jindal came up with the idea of Piccolo Piglet in 2017 when they went shopping for kids and realized that nearly all mainstream retailers divide clothing so starkly into “boys” ss. “girls” colors, themes, and styles.
Muskaan is a mum of two, Shivaaya and Avyay. She holds a BA in International Business from Regents Business School and a Masters degree in marketing from European Business School. If Muskaan is not busy with work or kids, you can find her doing yoga or horse riding.
Urvi holds a degree in Design and Management and is the creative head at Piccolo Piglet. She believes in creating a gender neutral world that would give everyone a chance to freely express themselves and creativity to thrive. She loves to travel the world and explore new places. In her free time you can find her with her friends.


The idea of Piccolo Piglet was conceived by two best friends and polar opposites Muskaan Sarin (Mum of two & the ‘responsible’ one) & Urvi Jindal (The Crazy fun aunt & the ‘creative’ one) in 2017 when they realized the mainstream retailers divide clothing so starkly into “boys” vs. “girls” colors, themes, and styles; sending out a limited message to kids about what they are supposed to like and who they are supposed to be.


Our Clothing is comfortable, high quality and gender neutral. Carefully resourced raw materials so when you shop from our website you know you’re buying best for your child.

Why Gender Neutral?

Simple, because not all girls like pink, and not all boys like trucks. Piccolo Piglet is a kids label, that doesn’t label kids. We believe that kids should be free to wear what they want. When we don’t allow kids to fully express themselves, we don’t let them fully understand who they really are. Kids clothing shouldn’t be categorized by certain colors, characters or designs.